# Highscores

Display some Highscores informations from a specific world.


If POSITION is not passed, it's going to be considered as 1.

# Example URL


# Output example

Fujitora One (Elder Druid - Level 843) is Top 20 on Antica. Total Exp: 9,948,626,631 experience points.

# NightBot Integration

!addcom !toplevel $(urlfetch https://api.tibialabs.com/v1/highscores/$(querystring))

# Testing case

Wedzy_: !toplevel Belobra
Nightbot: Minutz (Elder Druid - Level 1399) is Top 1 on Belobra. Total Exp: 45,481,868,472 experience points.
Last Updated: 5/4/2020, 5:02:56 AM